Box Step

When used as part of an aerobic workout, this exercise can help improve endurance, aerobic fitness and co-ordination.

Start with ten box steps and aim to increase the size of the box and the speed of the exercise as you improve. Keep the pace steady.


  • Make this easier

    • Only focus on feet at first.
    • Make the square (and your movements) smaller.
  • Make this harder

    • Use arms and legs together at the same time.
    • Use larger steps.


Step 1

Imagine you have a square drawn out in front of you on the floor.

Step 2

Step forward into the square – left foot in the top left corner, right foot in the top right corner, then step back – left foot to bottom left corner, right foot go bottom right corner.

Step 3

Add the arms to match the movement of your feet, if appropriate.