Shoulder Rolls

This exercise can help with everyday activities. It can also help improve posture and reduce tension in the shoulders/chest.

Start with ten slow, gentle repetitions.


  • Make this easier

    • Start with shoulder raises, then progress to circling movement.
    • Start with smaller circles.
  • Make this harder

    • Increase the range of movement where possible.
    • Increase the number of repetitions.


Step 1

With your arms relaxed by your sides, elbows soft, raise shoulders up and begin to circle them slowly up, back and round.

Step 2

Feel as if you’re squeezing your favourite fruit with your shoulder blades.

Step 3

This will encourage you to open your chest and keep your shoulders open.

Step 4

Avoid tensing or arching your back when completing this movement.

Step 5

Finish with an open chest and relaxed shoulders.