Triceps Lifts

This exercise helps strengthen the triceps muscle at the back of your upper arm.

Helps with lifting, carrying and shopping too.

Start with 10 gentle repetitions on each side.


  • Make this easier

    • Perform without a resistance band or weighted object.
    • Reduce the number of repetitions.
  • Make this harder

    • Use a heavier weighted object or increase band resistance.
    • Hold the tension for 1-2 seconds.
    • Increase the number of repetitions.


Step 1

This can be performed with a weighted object such as a bottle of water or weights.

Step 2

With your hands slightly clenched and your thumb at the top.

Step 3

Bring the arm back, with the palms facing inwards. Keep the movement smooth – don’t ‘lock’ your elbow.

Step 4

Slowly release back to the starting position in smooth action.